While Apple and Xiaomi are developing cars, Nothing has unveiled… a shirt?


But it’s not entirely clear what it is

Many companies that produce smartphones are trying themselves in other areas. But often these are other areas in the IT market or the automotive market. Nothing decided to go a different route and introduced… clothes.

Nothing has unveiled... a shirt
Nothing has been unveiled… a shirt

The product is called Nothing Apparel. As stated on the company’s website, this is a uniform for designers and engineers.

While Apple and Xiaomi are developing cars, Nothing has been unveiled… a shirt?

There are no details yet, as the announcement is preliminary. And it’s not even completely clear what exactly these clothes are, since the photo only shows the top part. We can only appreciate the white color, minimalist design, shirt-like collar, and zipper.

But the intrigue will not last long, since the first copies will be available for purchase at Dover Street Market in London starting tomorrow.

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