Starship is ready for its second flight Elon Musk teases fans


The billionaire showed a photo of the assembled spacecraft on the launch pad

American billionaire Elon Musk showed a new image of the Starship spacecraft, which is ready for its next orbital flight.

The assembled giant rocket has already been installed on the launch pad. The rocket consists of the Starship 25 spacecraft and the Booster 9 launch vehicle, which have already passed the necessary tests.

SpaceX said the team continues to work with the Federal Aviation Administration and coordinate final issues before launch. There is no exact launch date, but it was previously reported that it will take place in October.

Starship is ready for its second flight Elon Musk teases fans

Elon Musk confirmed at the beginning of September that his company SpaceX had received permission from the FAA for the orbital launch of the Starship spacecraft.


On its first launch this spring, the rocket rose high and flew for more than three minutes, but lost several engines, caused serious damage to the launch pad, and entered a dive before being remotely destroyed.

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