Startups use GPT-4 to save on live programmers


Is the Luddite uprising just around the corner?

Network publications reported that a number of startups began to use the GPT-4 language model from OpenAI to save on developers. AI is said to be capable of generating code.


For example, Landscape startup founder Joe Perkins said on Twitter that he wrote the code for five microservices using a neural network, it took him only 3 hours, and the code turned out to be at a good level. If he wrote everything by hand, he would have to spend several weeks and 5 thousand pounds sterling.

Startups use GPT-4 to save on live programmers

According to Vice, who spoke with Perkins, he studied computer science at school, but his knowledge was only enough to understand the code, and not to write it. So GPT-4 was the right solution. And although Perkins continues to collaborate with developers, the language model simplifies development, speeds it up and saves money.

But the executive director of online education at the Georgia Institute of Technology David Joyner (David Joyner) said that language models are unlikely to replace programmers. They are more likely to become assistants and take on some of the work.


Thus, GPT-4 is sure to become a sought-after tool in the market soon, and developers will have to learn how to use it in order to be in demand.

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