Summer troubles 5 effective ways not to rub your feet

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Last updated on May 1st, 2023 at 07:51 pm

Long walks in light and loose summer shoes are wonderful. But only if it does not turn your legs into a kind of mincemeat, rubbing terrible corns that not only look bad but also cause pain.

Effective ways not to rub your feet


To safely wear your favourite shoes, without fear for the condition of their legs, you can use several remedies against corns.

Shoe pads

A great way to prevent the appearance of corns in advance. The liners are glued to the problem area inside the shoe. It is important to do this correctly and not to re-stick, otherwise, the earbuds will quickly begin to fall off, and you often have to buy new ones. Usually, the lining is made of silicone or soft fabric, so that wearing shoes with them is as comfortable as possible. You can buy rescuers from corns in a shoe salon or order in the online store.

Shoe pads
Shoe pads

Callus pencil

Another effective protector against painful blisters on the skin. It is sold in pharmacies and is in particularly high demand in the summer, so it is sometimes quite expensive. Outwardly, it looks like hygienic lipstick or stationery glue in a stick. You need to use a pencil while you have not rubbed anything. It protects the skin from constant friction, creating a protective film on it.


It turns out that a solid deodorant can save not only from wet armpits and the smell of sweat but also from corns. Before going outside, apply antiperspirant to the skin in those places that are most rubbed while walking, and wait a couple of minutes for it to dry.

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Silicone dividers

Individual toes help protect against rubbing. Usually made of soft, high-quality silicone and are perfect for people with non-standard toes, helping to wear your favourite shoes freely and painlessly.


If your shoes are rubbing your heels because of a hard and dry backdrop, apply some pharmacy glycerin to it. He will soften the surface of the shoe, and walking in it will be more comfortable. But, unfortunately, the effect is short-lived, and the procedure will have to be repeated several times. Glycerin can be replaced with baby cream or lipstick. But do not overdo it, otherwise, the heels will glide too actively.

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