Xiaomi Mi Band 5 on the official render of Mi Wear


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:10 pm

Amazon Alexa Smart Assistant Confirmed

It seems that a reliable image of the Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet has finally appeared on the Web. It is presented in the pictures below, and these pictures were found by enthusiasts in the official app for managing wearable devices Xiaomi and Redmi Mi Wear. Of course, only official images are added to the official app.
Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet
Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet
As you can see, the shape of Mi Band 5 is exactly the same as its predecessor, but there is one difference – the designation of the touch key at the bottom has changed: now there is a dash instead of a circle. As for the second picture, a schematic image of a circle with a blue border is most likely a graphic display of the Amazon Alexa smart assistant.
Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet IMAGE
Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet IMAGE
At least there is a direct analogy with the blue border on Amazon Echo devices. Rumours attributed the Mi Band 5 to the presence of Amazon Alexa. According to preliminary data, the tracker will also have NFC (in the international version) and a pulse oximeter.
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