Tactical Rogue Shooter SYNTHETIK 2 Coming to Steam Early Access Before Year End


Tactical Rogue Shooter SYNTHETIK 2 Coming to Steam Early Access Before Year End

The independent German studio Flow Fire Games has unveiled SYNTHETIK 2 on its official microblog – the sequel to its tactical roguelike shooter SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising.

Synthetik 2
Synthetik 2

In the sequel, players will have to experiment and adapt to defeat the Machine Legion and fight back powerful factions, each with their own set of technologies and weapons.

The developers promise to “take gameplay to new heights” thanks to Ruleset V2 technology, as well as hone the “deeply unique mechanics” from the first part (for example, active reloading).

Also, SYNTHETIK 2 will offer a different view of the world: the second part moved to 3D to “add an extra dimension to your merciless adventure to overthrow the machine gods

SYNTHETIK 2 also threatens to provide a new progression system, a random environment“endless options” of weapons and character upgrades, support for modifications, and an online co-op for four people.

SYNTHETIK 2 will appear in Early Access on Steam this year (the press release mentions summer), while the full premiere on PC is expected only in 2022.

On the SYNTHETIK 2 page on the Valve service, it is also said that as a reward for the community’s help with the project’s development, the pre-release version will cost less than the final version (how much is not specified).

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