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X or Twitter

Grand Theft Auto 6 set a pre-announcement record: the most popular game post in X/Twitter history.


Announcement expected December 7 Rockstar’s announcement of Grand Theft Auto 6 has become the most popular gaming post on social ...

X or Twitter

Video and audio calls are now available on X/Twitter.


Judging by the reviews, not everyone likes it The team at social network X (formerly known as Twitter) has begun ...


The Exciting World of Meet24 Connecting People


The Magic of Meet24: A Comprehensive Guide to Making Meaningful Connections Meet24 is a popular social networking app that aims ...

tinder vs hinge

Tinder vs Hinge: The Dating App Showdown!


Battle: Tinder vs. Hinge -The Best Dating App for You Online dating apps have gained immense popularity in recent years, ...


Meta* is purchasing Nvidia H100 chips for its next-generation


Training for the new model will start next year As The Verge reports, citing The Wall Street Journal, Meta* is ...


A flagrant attack on my civil rights


“Crooked Joe Biden’s Department of Justice secretly attacked my account” Former US President Donald Trump called the secret transfer to ...

iPhones with an old Twitter icon

Users are selling their iPhones with an old Twitter icon for thousands of dollars


After the update, the application changed its name and icon Last week, Twitter was finally renamed to X, which, among ...

Twitter to be renamed to X

Apple does not allow Twitter to be renamed to X in the App Store.


The title must contain at least two characters As data scientist and Next founder Nick Sheriff explains, Apple doesn’t allow ...

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