TCL Concept converts a 6.87 “phone into a 10” tablet, allowing the display to be folded and rolled


TCL Concept converts a 6.87 “phone into a 10” tablet, allowing the display to be folded and rolled

TCL once again showed the concept of a foldable phone – and this Frankenstein monster, about which information has already slipped in March, is created as if from two variants of foldable devices demonstrated earlier. Dubbed the Fold ‘ n ‘  Roll, it combines Dragonhinge’s folding hinge technology with a roll-up display panel.


The result is a 6.87-inch phone that can be expanded to the size of an 8.85-inch tablet or further expandable to a full 10-inch tablet. Apart from the intriguing images, the company does not offer any other details.

TCL says it is still studying the specifications for this type of device. In other words, you shouldn’t expect Fold ‘ n’ Roll to hit the market shortly. However, TCL has also promised to launch some sort of modern foldable phone by the end of 2021. The company has demonstrated many concepts but did not release mass real products with bendable displays.

However, many hope that TCL can fill the market vacuum with a relatively affordable bend or twist devices. At present, such folding devices are costly and cost two or three prices of a good flagship. By the way, Samsung has also hinted at releasing a cheaper flexible device soon, but for now, the Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold 2 are still very expensive.

LG’s Rollable Rollable Concept may have been intended for a flagship device. Still, with the manufacturer leaving the smartphone business, we won’t know if the technology could have appeared in more mainstream devices.

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