Tecno Mobiles introduced Eagle Eye Lens – The new technology for smartphone cameras was not invented by Apple or Samsung


Tecno has introduced Eagle Eye Lens technology, which is designed to improve the stabilization system in smartphone cameras.

Tecno eagle eyes lens
Tecno eagle eyes lens

The basic idea of ​​the technology is well understood if you watch the video below. 

As you can see, the point is to use two prisms, each of which can slightly rotate along one axis. One prism can deviate from the initial state by 8 degrees, and the other by 10 degrees. According to Tecno, in total, this configuration allows you to track an object with a deviation of up to 16 degrees on one axis and up to 20 degrees on the other. To be more precise, the prisms themselves can only stabilize the image, and AI is already responsible for tracking. 


Tecno leads around with racing, where the Eagle Eye Lens allows you to take sharper photos and videos.  

The company is already working on smartphones that will receive a camera with this technology. Perhaps one of the first will be the flagship Phantom X2 on the Dimensity 9000 SoC

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