Tesla Model 3 turned into a convertible for … two costs Tesla Model 3


Roof – soft, central pillar saved

Tesla makes exclusively electric cars, but among them there are no convertibles. But what if you need a Tesla convertible? Then a direct route to Newport Convertible Engineering – it is ready to put the production of Model 3 with a soft roof on stream.

Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3

A feature of the re-equipment of the Tesla Model 3 at Newport Convertible Engineering is its attention to detail – so much so that in the end the car seems to be serial. Therefore, the restructuring of one electric car takes 2-3 months.

During this time, not only the hard roof is cut off and a soft removable is installed, but the body is also strengthened and the finish changes.

In general, everything is very serious. Interestingly, the changes bypass the central pillar, and there are several reasons for this.

Firstly, it fastens seat belts, and secondly, a crossbar is installed between the racks, which should provide protection when it is possible to tip over. And finally, thirdly, in the racks are the cameras of the autopilot system.

If you subject them to “resection”, then one of the most important functions of Tesla will simply stop working.

And now the most interesting question – how much does the remake cost? The company is ready to “cut off the roof” Model 3 for $ 30,000.

And it will be an ordinary soft roof, folding manually. Want to save yourself from unnecessary actions and entrust folding to an electric motor?

We will have to pay another 10,000 dollars. As a result, in order to turn one Tesla Model 3 into a convertible, you will have to pay as for two new Model 3.

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