WHO reports 5.2 million cases of COVID-19

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Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:10 pm

Worldwide, the number of people infected with coronavirus infection has exceeded 5.2 million people, according to the World Health Organization in a daily newsletter.

WHO recorded 5 204 508 cases of infection, daily increase in the world amounted to 101 502 cases. In total, according to the organization, the number of deaths amounted to 337 687 (plus 4286 per day).

On both American continents, WHO recorded 2.388 million infections and more than 138,000 deaths. In Europe – 2.006 million infected and almost 174 thousand deaths from COVID-19.


At the same time, the American University of Johns Hopkins, which collects statistics on coronavirus in real-time, counted 5.367 million cases and 343.5 thousand deaths in the world.

According to these data, the USA with 1.633 million confirmed diagnoses remains in first place among the number of detected cases. Brazil came in second with 347 thousand cases. Russia closes the first three with 344 thousand patients.

In terms of the number of deaths, the United States is also leading – 97.4 thousand. In second place is the United Kingdom (36.8 thousand), in third place is Italy (32.7 thousand).

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