Tesla will launch seven-seat Model Y electric car next month


The first deliveries, according to the head of the company, will fall on the beginning of December

The plans to release a seven-seater Tesla Model Y electric car have long been known. In the summer of this year, information appeared that it will be released in the fourth quarter.

Tesla seven-seat Model Y
Tesla seven-seat Model Y

Tesla will launch the seven-seat Model Y electric car next month

For those waiting for this option, the good news is the response of the Tesla director to the question if there is any news about it. Elon Musk replied that production will begin next month, with the first deliveries expected in early December.

Ordering a seven-seater option on the manufacturer’s website costs an additional $ 3,000 relative to a five-seater. It also says that it will be available in 2021. Model Y prices now start at around $ 50,000.



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