The All-New 2024 Maruti Swift Vxi (O): A Closer Look in 8 Images


The iconic Maruti Swift has zipped back onto the Indian auto scene with a fresh redesign, exciting new features, and a revamped powertrain for the 2024 model year. Catering to a wider range of driver preferences, the new Swift boasts five distinct variants: Lxi, Vxi, Vxi (O), Zxi, and Zxi Plus. This comprehensive guide dives deep into the Vxi (O) variant, the new mid-spec offering that bridges the gap between essential features and premium comfort. Priced from Rs 7.57 lakh (ex-showroom), the Vxi (O) strikes a compelling balance between affordability and functionality. Let’s embark on a visual journey through eight key aspects of the 2024 Maruti Swift Vxi (O) using real-life images.

Maruti Swift Vxi (O)
Maruti Swift Vxi (O)

A Glimpse at the Exterior: Modern Lines with Practical Touches

Front: Classic Charm with a Hint of Sportiness

The fascia of the Vxi (O) variant stays true to the design language of the standard Vxi trim. Here, you’ll find halogen projector headlights offering clear visibility. While the Vxi (O) misses out on LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), it retains the stylish L-shaped chrome strip that adds a touch of sophistication. Fog lamp enthusiasts might miss their presence in this variant, as they’re reserved for the higher-spec Zxi trims. If you crave the full LED treatment for headlights and DRLs, you’ll need to step up to the top-of-the-line Zxi Plus variant.

Side Profile: Balancing Functionality and Aesthetics

From a side-angle perspective, the Vxi (O) is nearly indistinguishable from the standard Vxi variant. However, a closer look reveals some key upgrades that enhance everyday usability. The Vxi (O) boasts electrically foldable ORVMs (Outside Rear View Mirrors), a welcome convenience for tight parking situations or navigating through narrow streets. Additionally, the variant features a lock/unlock button integrated into the front door handles, eliminating the need to fumble for keys. While the Vxi (O) maintains the 14-inch steel wheels with wheel covers for a balanced look, those seeking a sportier aesthetic can opt for the Zxi trims that come equipped with larger 15-inch alloy wheels.

Rear: A Clean Design with Essential Elements

The rear end of the Vxi (O) seamlessly blends in with the higher-spec trims. Here, you’ll find the sleek LED tail lights that enhance nighttime visibility and contribute to the car’s modern appeal. The rear bumper design remains consistent across variants, offering a clean and cohesive look. However, a notable omission in the Vxi (O) is the rear wiper and washer, a feature reserved for the top-tier Zxi Plus variant.

Stepping Inside: A Functional and Tech-Savvy Cabin

The Vxi (O) variant welcomes occupants with an all-black dashboard that exudes a sense of sophistication. The black fabric seat upholstery provides a comfortable and practical seating experience.

Tech Upgrades for Enhanced Connectivity and Convenience

The Vxi (O) prioritizes essential features that elevate the in-car experience. It boasts a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system that seamlessly integrates with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, ensuring effortless smartphone connectivity. Steering-mounted controls allow drivers to keep their focus on the road while managing music, calls, and navigation. For an immersive audio experience, the Vxi (O) features a 4-speaker sound system. Notably, the Vxi (O) goes a step further than the standard Vxi by offering a push-button start/stop feature, adding a touch of convenience for daily commutes.

Powertrain Options: A Reliable and Fuel-Efficient Performer

Maruti equips the Swift Vxi (O) with a proven performer – a 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder petrol engine. This engine is capable of producing 82 PS of power and 112 Nm of torque, offering a satisfying driving experience for city commutes and occasional highway jaunts. Drivers can choose between a smooth-shifting 5-speed manual transmission or a convenient 5-speed AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) for a more automatic driving experience. Maruti boasts impressive claimed fuel efficiency figures for the Vxi (O), making it an economical choice for cost-conscious drivers.

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Q: What are the key differences between the Vxi and Vxi (O) variants of the 2024 Maruti Swift?

A: The Vxi (O) builds upon the Vxi by offering features like a push-button start/stop system, electrically foldable ORVMs, and a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with wireless smartphone connectivity.

Q: How does the Vxi (O) compare to the higher-spec Zxi and Zxi Plus variants?

A: The Zxi and Zxi Plus offer additional features like LED headlights with DRLs, fog lamps, a larger touchscreen, automatic climate control, and a rear wiper/washer. However, these features come at a higher price point.

Q: Is the Vxi (O) a good choice for highway driving?

A: Yes, the Vxi (O)’s 1.2-liter petrol engine is capable of handling highway driving. However, if frequent highway trips are a priority, you might want to consider the higher-spec variants with more powerful engines.

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