The authors of Primordia presented a trailer for the release of the surreal quest Strangeland – the game will be released on May 25


The authors of Primordia presented a trailer for the release of the surreal quest Strangeland – the game will be released on May 25

The studio Wormwood, which created the post-apocalyptic adventure Primordia, and the publisher Wadjet Eye Games have presented a trailer to release the horror quest Strangeland. The game will be released on PC ( Steam and GOG) on May 25, 2021.


Strangeland is a classic point-and-click quest that combines a well-developed plot, explores locations, and challenges puzzles. The developers tried to avoid unpleasant moments associated with the genre, such as “death of the hero, dead ends, illogical puzzles, pixel hunting and returning to the already studied locations” According to the authors, the game will tell a story of “personality, loss, self-doubt, and redemption

Strangeland was announced in March 2018. Development started about a year earlier. The authors took fragments of their unfinished games as a basis, and the “personal tragedies” of Wormwood employees became the connecting thread for them. The creators emphasize that, given the development of abandoned games, they worked on their second project for almost ten years.

In May last year, the authors noted that Strangeland would be inferior in length to Primordia but, they hope, will be remembered by gamers for a long time. The Steam page states that it is designed for about five hours of gameplay. However, thanks to the choice of answers in the dialogues, different options for solving puzzles, and several endings, reruns will offer something new.

The quest will have dozens of locations, some of which have different options. As in Primordia, the game’s world is dark and quirky, and it’s hard to figure out what’s going on. The explanatory comments of the developers and the annotation mode will help to understand the references.

“A man finds himself in a nightmare amusement park and sees a golden-haired woman throwing herself into a bottomless well, trying to help him. He tries to find answers to questions from mockingly croaking ravens, an eyeless secretary, a revived stove, an ugly mermaid, and other inhabitants of the park. All this time, a terrible scream is heard from the roller coaster, and the hero knows that until he destroys the Dark Thing that publishes him, the woman will endlessly jump, fall and die, again and again … “

Strangeland is a place like no other. Even in the real world, amusement parks occupy a twilight territory between the fantastic and the mundane, the alien and the familiar. In distorted mirrors, freaks and deceptions, we see disgusting reflections of ourselves haunting us. Just a few shabby tents, peeling circus wagons, faded booths, and abandoned attractions contain all the wonders and all the horror of humanity. “

Players will have to “look for otherworldly devices and strange allies to overcome many terrifying obstacles” Among other things, they will have to “forge a blade from iron stolen from the mouth of a predatory dog, and sharpen it with anger and grief” and “ride to the edge of oblivion astride a giant cicada” Among the NPCs, there will be a “telepathic starfish” and an “animatronic fortune teller.”

Strangeland allows you to come to the finale your own way: “Some will be helped by accuracy, some will be helped by electrical engineering; one will find answers in the play on words of a strange prophet, the other – through hints in the environment. ” “As a result, the story of Strangeland will become your story. You are not an audience. You are a player. “

Professional actors dub all dialogues, and the soundtrack includes several hours of music. A hint system will be added to the game, which, if desired, can be turned off. Strangeland will only be available in English.

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