The Beast Goes Electric: the All-New Mercedes-Benz G 580 EQG


Gear up for a revolution! The iconic Mercedes-Benz G-Class, revered for its unparalleled off-road prowess and rugged elegance, has embraced the electric era. The Mercedes-Benz G 580 EQG, the much-anticipated all-electric iteration of the G-Wagon, has finally broken cover in its production-ready form. This electrifying evolution signifies a monumental shift for Mercedes-Benz, showcasing its commitment to innovation and sustainable luxury.

A Glimpse into the Future: From Concept to Reality

Keen followers might recall the captivating concept version of the electric G-Wagon, unveiled earlier in 2024 at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo. This glimpse into the future served as a potent appetizer for the production-ready G 580 EQG we see today. While the official name for paperwork purposes is Mercedes-Benz G 580 with EQ Technology, we’ll be using the more evocative moniker, G 580, throughout this exploration of this electric marvel.

Mercedes-Benz G 580 EQG
Mercedes-Benz G 580 EQG

Unveiling the Powerhouse: Performance Befitting a Legend

The G 580 EQG boasts an impressive electric powertrain designed to deliver exhilarating performance while retaining the legendary off-road capability of the G-Class. Here’s a closer look at the specifications that make this electric beast a true force to be reckoned with:

Battery Pack: The G 580 features a substantial 116 kWh (usable) battery pack, offering a targeted WLTP-claimed range of up to 473 kilometers. This ensures you can conquer the road less traveled without range anxiety.

Electric Motors: The G 580 adopts a unique quad-motor configuration, with one electric motor powering each wheel. This innovative setup translates to exceptional control and unparalleled off-road prowess.

Power and Torque: With a combined output of 587 horsepower and a staggering 1164 Nm of torque, the G 580 delivers an electrifying performance. Despite its substantial weight exceeding three tonnes, the G 580 rockets from 0-100 mph in a mere 4.7 seconds, defying expectations for a luxury SUV.

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Drive Modes: The G 580 caters to diverse driving styles and terrains with three on-road drive modes – Comfort, Sport, and Individual. For conquering challenging landscapes, it offers two dedicated off-road modes – Trail and Rock.

Conquering Any Terrain: Off-Road Prowess Redefined

The G-Class has always been synonymous with unparalleled off-road capability, and the G 580 EQG upholds this legacy with aplomb. Here’s how Mercedes-Benz has engineered the G 580 to dominate any terrain:

Virtual Differential Locks: The G 580 utilizes innovative torque vectoring technology to create virtual differential locks. This intelligent system distributes precise amounts of torque to each wheel, ensuring optimal traction and maneuvering even in challenging situations.

Gearboxes for Each Motor: Beyond the quad-motor setup, Mercedes takes off-road capability a step further by equipping each motor with its gearbox featuring a switchable low-range setting. This feature, particularly valuable for traversing tough terrain, is activated in the “Rock” off-road mode.

G-Turn Maneuver: The G 580 boasts a remarkable feat – the “G-Turn.” This maneuver allows the electric SUV to rotate 360 degrees in place, mimicking the agility of a tank. This maneuver is achieved by independently turning the wheels on opposite sides of the vehicle.

Adaptive Damping System: To ensure a smooth ride over uneven off-road terrain, the G 580 incorporates an adaptive damping system. This system dynamically adjusts to road conditions, providing exceptional comfort and control.

Dominating Approach, Breakover, and Departure Angles: The G 580 maintains its impressive ground clearance of at least 250 mm, allowing it to effortlessly navigate obstacles. Furthermore, its approach angle of 32 degrees, breakover angle of 20.3 degrees, and departure angle of 30.7 degrees ensure it can tackle steep inclines and declines with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the range of the Mercedes-Benz G 580 EQG?

A: The G 580 EQG boasts a targeted WLTP-claimed range of up to 473 kilometers on a single charge.

Q: How fast can the G 580 EQG accelerate from 0-100 kmph?

A: Despite its substantial weight, the G 580 EQG delivers impressive acceleration, achieving 0-100 mph in a mere 4.7 seconds.

Q: Does the G 580 EQG have off-road capabilities?

A: Absolutely! The G 580 EQG retains the legendary off-road prowess of the G-Class, featuring innovative features like virtual differential locks, low-range gearboxes, and impressive approach, break over, and departure angles.

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