The Algarve Embraces Sustainability: the “Save Water” Initiative


The Algarve, a captivating region in southern Portugal renowned for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and idyllic climate, faces a pressing challenge – water scarcity. Algarve Tourism, recognizing the urgency of this issue, has implemented a series of proactive initiatives designed to promote water conservation within the region’s thriving tourism sector.

A Collaborative Approach: Engaging Stakeholders in Water Stewardship

Algarve Tourism champions a multifaceted approach to water conservation. Their efforts extend beyond simply raising awareness among tourists; they actively engage all stakeholders within the tourism industry. This collaborative approach involves:

The Algarve Embraces Sustainability
The Algarve Embraces Sustainability

Tourism Companies and Sector Agents: Algarve Tourism works closely with hotels, resorts, and other tourism-related businesses to encourage the adoption of water-saving practices.

Residents: Engaging residents fosters a culture of water conservation throughout the region.

Tourists: Educational campaigns encourage tourists to become responsible water stewards during their stay in the Algarve.

The “Save Water” Seal: Recognizing Commitment to Sustainability

A cornerstone of Algarve Tourism’s initiative is the creation of the “Save Water” seal. This prestigious designation serves as a beacon of sustainability within the region’s tourism sector. Companies that demonstrate a genuine commitment to water conservation practices can proudly display the “Save Water” seal, signifying their dedication to environmental responsibility.

Earning the Seal: A Commitment to Action

Companies seeking the “Save Water” seal must adhere to a comprehensive action plan co-developed by Algarve Tourism, Turismo de Portugal (the national tourism board), and ADENE, the Energy Agency. This action plan outlines a series of prioritized and structured measures designed to achieve significant water savings.

Prioritized Measures:

Examples of prioritized measures include:

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Upgrading plumbing fixtures: Replacing conventional showers, faucets, and toilets with water-efficient models can significantly reduce water usage.

Optimizing irrigation practices: Implementing water-saving irrigation techniques and selecting drought-resistant plant species are crucial steps for landscaping projects.

Managing water features: Suspending the operation of ornamental fountains and lakes during peak water demand periods offers a practical solution.

Structuring Measures:

Structuring measures focus on fostering a culture of water conservation within participating companies. These include:

  • Monitoring water consumption: Regularly tracking water usage allows for targeted conservation efforts.
  • Implementing best practices: Sharing and encouraging the adoption of effective water-saving techniques among employees and guests is key.
  • Promoting responsible tourism: Educating tourists about the importance of water conservation and encouraging their active participation are vital aspects of the initiative.

A Shared Goal: Reducing Urban Water Consumption

Through the “Save Water” initiative, Algarve Tourism and participating companies have established an ambitious goal – to reduce urban water consumption in the Algarve by 15% by the end of the year. This collective effort signifies a significant commitment to environmental sustainability within the region.

Embracing Sustainability Together: Early Success and Ongoing Efforts

The “Save Water” initiative has gained encouraging traction within the tourism sector. As of today, 25 hotels have already joined this pioneering program and are actively implementing the necessary measures to display the prestigious “Save Water” seal.

Algarve Tourism, in collaboration with Turismo de Portugal, has launched a captivating promotional campaign titled “Save Water, be a Futurist.” This campaign seeks to raise awareness among tourists about the importance of water conservation and encourages them to actively participate in water-saving practices during their stay in the Algarve. By engaging tourists in this vital environmental mission, the campaign empowers them to become responsible stewards of this precious resource during their vacation.

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The Algarve’s Sustainable Future: A Legacy of Responsible Tourism

The “Save Water” initiative exemplifies the Algarve’s dedication to fostering a sustainable tourism industry. By recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship and actively implementing water-saving practices, the Algarve positions itself as a leader in responsible tourism. This commitment to sustainability ensures the lasting beauty and environmental health of the region for generations to come, while simultaneously enhancing the visitor experience for tourists seeking an unforgettable and eco-conscious getaway.

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