The Boring Company has confirmed that its tunnels are for Tesla Model S, X and 3

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Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:20 pm

The Boring Company has confirmed that its tunnels are for Tesla Model S, X and 3

The Boring Company Elon Musk has confirmed the use of Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3 in his new Loop Tunnel. Gradually, several projects of The Boring Company are approaching implementation, and the concept begins to clear up. Elon Musk admitted that he founded the company as a joke, but now it has gotten serious and has taken on some major transportation projects.


The goal has always been to build tunnels, but The Boring Company has changed strategy several times when it comes to how the transport system works inside tunnels. Now that the first project in Las Vegas will be completed in the next few months, the company has released more detailed information about what it calls “Loop” in relation to it.

The idea is to use self-driving electric vehicles to move quickly in narrow tunnels. For the project in Las Vegas, plans for the use of Tesla cars were previously mentioned, but so far it has not been confirmed which ones (it was assumed that Tesla even creates a special vehicle for this purpose).

The Boring Company has now updated the FAQ section on its website and published information on the vehicles it plans to use:

“Loop is an all-electric, high-speed, zero-emission underground public transport system that transports passengers in compatible autonomous electric vehicles (AEVs ) at speeds up to 240 km / h through trunk tunnels between stations. AEVs are Tesla vehicles (Model S, 3, and X ) that operate autonomously in the Loop system

In addition, the startup has released several new conceptual images of three different designs for its stations: aboveground, underground, and underground in the open air. Given that this conceptual imagery and references to the Model S, 3 and X are arriving just as the company is working to complete the Las Vegas project, it is likely that this system will be applied there. The Boring Company plans to complete the project by the end of the year.

There are some questions about Tesla cars. For example, since these cars will work completely autonomously in tunnels, should they have a steering wheel? In addition, there are rumors that Tesla is making a 12-seater electric van for The Boring Company project, although the automaker has not confirmed this.

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