The company is preparing an iPad Pro with a 14-inch screen and SoC M3 Pro


Such a tablet will be more powerful than many MacBooks

Rumors have intensified on the Web that Apple wants to release a new iPad, which will be even larger than the existing ones. The tablet is credited with a gigantic 14.1-inch display. 

SoC M3 Pro
SoC M3 Pro

However, we have heard this information more than once. But the new piece of information is even more impressive than the size of the screen. According to insider Revegnus, the tablet can get Apple M3 Pro SoC!  

The 14.1-inch iPad will have the M3 Pro. Apple has gone crazy!!! They are building a monster. iPadOS is also getting a big update. Many features from macOS are moving to iPadOS

The company is preparing an iPad Pro with a 14-inch screen and SoC M3 Pro

Yes, we are already used to the performance of the Apple M-based iPad Pro, but not only is the new generation platform, but also the Pro version. How Apple will position such a huge and powerful iPad is anyone’s guess. But it turns out that it will be more productive than many MacBooks, not to mention laptops from other manufacturers. 

The source also says that iPadOS will receive multiple changes with features from macOS. All this is to be expected next year.   

The information was shared by a very active lately Revegnus insider (@Tech_Reve), who previously accurately reported the first details about the new platforms of the Snapdragon 8 and Exynos families

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