VKontakte promised 50% more earnings


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:40 pm

New Community Affiliate Program Launched

The team of the social network VKontakte announced the launch of a unified monetization platform for content creators, which will collect all the tools for making money that the social network provides.


VKontakte promised 50% more earnings

According to the developers, the platform will be based on a new affiliate program for communities, which will replace the VKontakte advertising network and will allow administrators to earn 50% more. Also, the unified monetization platform will include VK Donut, a market platform, grants, goods, services for collecting money, “native” advertising, opportunities to make money on mini-applications, and music.

Like the ad network, the affiliate program will allow administrators to receive money for the fact that users view advertisements in communities and news feeds. Everything happens automatically – no need to wait for applications or make publications manually. The payment system and participation rules differ from the advertising network. 

In the ad network, earnings were only influenced by reach. In the new affiliate program, additional factors are also important, such as attracting an audience from external resources, interest from VK users, uploading videos to a VK player, and instead of a link to a third-party website, text design in the article editor, and so on. For plagiarism and violation of VKontakte rules, payments will be reduced. 

The VK ad network will continue to operate in the same mode until February 1. On this day, its members will automatically join the affiliate program, and VKontakte will start checking them for compliance with the updated rules. 

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