The engineer assembled a “gun” for throwing knives with a laser sight and lidar


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A video appeared on the Quint BUILDs YouTube channel, where the author showed an unusual device – a machine for throwing knives with a laser sight. The creator developed it together with his son. Initially, the engineer set several requirements for the system: weight no more than 10 kg, wireless operation and high accuracy.

Quint build
Quint build

The result is a system that is equipped with a lidar and several motors. The laser rangefinder determines the distance to the target, and the motors imitate the trajectory of the knife throw as if it were thrown by a person. The device is loaded with cassettes, each of which includes 12 knives.

The author showed his brainchild in a published video. In the same place, he spoke about the technical features of the project.

The tests carried out showed that out of 12 knives, 10 hit the target. Also, the device is equipped with a laser sight for easy targeting. At the same time, all equipment and batteries were assembled in a common building.

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