The first domestic aircraft LMS-901 “Baikal” will not be able to carry passengers


They will be sent for aerial work – to aviation forest protection or sanitation

Initially, it was assumed that the first Russian light aircraft LMS-901 “Baikal” delivered to the operators would immediately be engaged in the transport of passengers, but the new plan looks different: “Baikal” will be involved in aerial work – in aviation forest protection and sanitation. Izvestia writes about this, citing a source close to the Aurora airline (it should receive the first five Baikals in 2025, and five more in 2026), as well as a source close to the Russian government.

domestic aircraft LMS-901
domestic aircraft LMS-901

“ In the beginning, we will probably really try the Baikals in aerial work ,” said one of the sources.

“ We are talking about basing aircraft, routes, planning the number of flight hours and much more. Upon completion of this process, the most effective model for organizing work for this board will be determined ,” said Arthur Dee, a representative of Aurora.

The first domestic aircraft LMS-901 “Baikal” will not be able to carry passengers

In total, 154 aircraft should be delivered to operators by 2030, of which 105 will be delivered to the single Far Eastern carrier Aurora. The Ural Civil Aviation Plant (UZGA) is engaged in the creation of Baikal, it is assumed that this model will replace the obsolete Kukuruzniki (An-2).

However, the Far East has its own specifics, which may interfere with the full use of Baikal. The first point is related to flight restrictions for single-engine aircraft. It is prescribed that the pilot must build a route so that in the event of an engine failure he can be forced to land the aircraft. It turns out that there should be landing sites along the entire route within 45 km, which is not always possible for the Far East.

The second point is that people in the region often take a lot of things with them, and because of this (in order to increase luggage space) the number of seats in the cabin can be reduced from 9 to 7. This, in turn, leads to an increase in cost flight hour “Baikal”. 

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