The maximum charging power of the iPhone 15 Pro has been announced


The smartphone supports a maximum charging power of 27 W

According to the Japanese blog Mac Otakara, which refers to its informants, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro smartphones support peak charging power of up to 27 W, despite the transition to USB-C.

If so, then the iPhone 15 Pro models have the same maximum charging power as the iPhone 14 Pro models. In August, 9to5Mac reported that at least some iPhone 15 models could support charging speeds of up to 35W, but that rumor turned out to be incorrect.

Apple says that like the iPhone 14 models, all four iPhone 15 models can charge to 50% in about 30 minutes using a 20W or higher power adapter.

The maximum charging power of the iPhone 15 Pro has been announced

iPhone 15 Pro
iPhone 15 Pro

Last year, the website ChargerLAB determined that Apple’s 30W power adapter was the company’s cheapest charger that could charge iPhone 14 Pro models at a maximum power of up to 27W. This adapter probably remains the best choice for the iPhone 15 Pro. This adapter is sold in the Apple online store for $39.

However, it’s worth waiting for real tests, which won’t keep you waiting, since Apple is already sending out iPhone 15 for pre-orders.

As already reported,  Russians are buying up new smartphones on pre-orders. According to the latest data,  replacing the back panel of the iPhone 15 Pro costs three times less than the iPhone 14 Pro.

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