The new generation satellite “Glonass-K2” will be launched into space at the end of 2021


The new generation satellite “Glonass-K2” will be launched into space at the end of 2021

It became known that the first navigation satellite of the new generation, Glonass-K2, will be launched into Earth’s orbit in the fourth quarter of this year. The TASS news agency reported this concerning the words of the general director of the company, “Information satellite systems. M.F. Reshetnev “Nikolay Testoedov.

glonass K2

“ This year, one device, Glonass-K2, will be launched. We are planning this for the fourth quarter, ”the source of the words of Mr. Testoedov’s quotes. In an interview with reporters, he also noted that the supplies of onboard equipment have already been fully completed by now. The spacecraft is in an assembled state; experts test it (mechanical, thermal vacuum, and other tests). Typically, the testing period for satellites takes several months, so there is every reason to believe that the first Glonass-K2 device will be fully ready for launch into space by the end of the year.

Recall that the communication satellites “Glonass-K2” represent a new generation of navigation devices of the GLONASS system. In the fall of last year, General Designer of the GLONASS system Sergey Karutin told reporters that Glonass-K2 satellites could provide navigation accuracy of less than 30 cm. Initially, it was assumed that the first Glonass-K2 spacecraft would be launched into space in 2020 year. However, during ground tests of the onboard equipment, the need for its revision was established, so the launch had to be postponed to 2021.

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