The world’s first integrated CPU and GPU for the data center. AMD Instinct MI300


It will be 8 times faster than Instinct MI250X

AMD at an event dedicated to the CES 2023 exhibition announced a promising accelerator for data centers Instinct MI300

AMD Instinct MI300.
AMD Instinct MI300.

The company itself calls it “the world’s first integrated CPU and GPU for the data center”, thereby emphasizing the hybrid nature: in one case there will be both a CDNA3 architecture GPU and a 24-core Zen 4 CPU.

AMD Instinct MI300.

What’s more, the single solution will include 128 GB of HBM3 memory, supplemented by an 8192-bit memory bus! The APUs (hybrid processor) will be manufactured using 6 and 5 nm manufacturing processes. It will also get a fast next-generation Infinity Cache cache.


The specs look impressive, and the performance will be just as impressive.

AMD Instinct MI300

According to the official figures, the AI ​​task acceleration performance will be 8 times higher, and the specific performance (in terms of Watt of energy) will be 5 times higher than the Instinct MI250X. The official premiere of Instinct MI300 will take place in the second half of this year.

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