This is Chery’s new brutal SUV. The first images have appeared


These vehicles are in high demand.

Chery is preparing to release a new brutal all-wheel drive SUV, the patent images of which were published by the Chinese regulator.


The car will receive a body with chopped forms, high ground clearance, a large radiator grille, L-shaped daytime running lights and narrow vertical taillights. In the front bumper, two loops for attaching the tow cable are immediately visible.

The new SUV will get retractable door handles, which are installed in many Chinese cars today. Two exhaust pipes are visible at the back, a trunk can be installed on top.

There are no technical details about the Chery SUV yet. Speculation has been made that it could be built on the same platform as the Jetour T-1 SUV .



Recall that the BYD Yangwang U8 SUV was introduced yesterday , which received a number of unique features.

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