This is the new PlayStation 5 compared to the old one.

The difference is significant

The day before yesterday, Sony presented updated PlayStation 5 game consoles, which received the unofficial name Slim due to their more compact dimensions. For some reason, Sony itself initially did not show how much smaller the new products had become, but now such images are already available. 

new PlayStation 5
new PlayStation 5

As you can see, the difference is noticeable. It is not huge, and in this case, two different versions are being compared, but still, the new console is noticeably smaller. Sony itself, we recall, speaks of a reduction in volume by 30%. 

new PlayStation 5 new PlayStation 5

Also clearly visible in the new image is a new design element that divides the side panels into two parts. Firstly, this was done so that in the Digital Edition version it was possible to replace only half of the side panel when installing an optical drive, and secondly, when installing the console in a horizontal position, this is how many will use the console, because the stand is for a vertical The installation is purchased separately; from this very slot, dividing the panel into two parts, a small transparent leg extends so that the attachment lies stable.  

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