To increase production volumes, AvtoVAZ will assemble cars on Saturdays


From December 9

AvtoVAZ will again work on Saturdays in order to increase production volumes, as reported by the insider public Avtograd News on the VKontakte social network.

To increase the output of its products, AvtoVAZ will introduce working Saturdays in December 2023. Already on December 9, the GRANTA car assembly line will work for 12 hours, and the NIVA family car assembly line will work for 9 hours. Personnel for these tasks have already been recruited. From December 16, all three assembly lines should be operational on Saturdays, including the assembly of Vesta cars.


To increase production volumes, AvtoVAZ will assemble cars on Saturdays

Earlier it became known that AvtoVAZ may face a new series of problems associated with unstable supplies of components, including airbags for the Lada Vesta. Test cars without airbags have already rolled off the production line .

Yesterday it was reported that AvtoVAZ has completed all the cars that have accumulated at the plant in recent months.

The administrator of the Avtograd News public lives in Tolyatti and works at AvtoVAZ. He leaked a lot of accurate information, including photos of the new Lada Vesta NG and information about the incomplete Lada Granta.

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