Trailer for the launch on Steam of the slasher Demon Skin from the domestic studio


Trailer for the launch on Steam of the slasher Demon Skin from the domestic studio

As promised, Buka and Ludus Future have released the action-platformer Demon Skin on Steam. On this occasion, a special trailer is also presented, touching upon the plot and again demonstrating the gameplay’s peculiarities.

Demon skin
Demon skin

In honor of the world premiere on Steam, the game is available until April 20 with a 10% discount for only 392 ₽. Sharpen your ax and prepare your war hammer: it’s time to put on the demon’s hide! – the creators write in the description of the video. Let’s remind: this year, the game should also appear on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch consoles.

Demon Skin has come to a long and difficult path in 6 years. During this time, the transition from 2D to 3D took place. The, and there was changed, rebranding was carried out several times, there were two unsuccessful fundraising campaigns, the composition of the development team changed frequently. Despite this, the founder of the project, Denis Listov, did not abandon the idea and was able to bring it to life – not without the help of Buka.

Demon Skin takes place in a cruel and harsh world. According to the creators, the platformer combines the uncompromising spirit of the Souls games, unique combat mechanics, role-playing elements, and even the features of fighting games. Darkness in this world of dark fantasy has penetrated even the most remote corners, and only Wanderers can resist it – members of a powerful order who fight against Evil and possess superhuman strength. One of them witnessed a sinister ritual to restore a powerful ancient artifact. Trying to stop the ceremony, the hero fell into a stream of released energy and turned into a demon. To return to his true appearance, he will have to find the stolen artifact and defeat many enemies along the way.

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Gloomy landscapes are promised, from icy wastelands and deep dungeons to twilight forests and the abode of the undead. The cruel world lives its own life, but the creatures inhabiting it are not always hostile. The hero will meet dozens of types of opponents and many powerful allies, as well as characters who are ready to attack everyone in a row.

The battle with each type of enemy requires a special approach and skillful use of an extensive arsenal. There are also several ancient artifact weapons, although you can deal with enemies with your bare hands. And the collected fragments of the Crystal will allow you to become stronger, overgrow with bone armor, and take the form of a demon.

The accumulated experience makes it possible to open new bundles of blows and improve health, stamina, and attack power. The multifaceted combat system will allow you to hone your skills, mastering various stances for lightning-fast parrying attacks and inflicting maximum damage with spectacular finishing moves. The stamina level and other indicators of the character’s physical condition directly affect the battle outcome.

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