Ubisoft Goes Down, Fallout 76 RPG Fans Distraught – Highlights of the Week


A brief digest of everything that has happened to the entertainment industry around the world over the past week

Fallout 76

  • AMD laughed at NVIDIA RTX 4090 – and now 11% of AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX graphics cards are broken
  • CoD Warzone 2 has a large outflow of players – Activision is extremely surprised
  • The cost of developing The Callisto Protocol is revealed – sales of horror were lower than expected
  • The Nikke ad turned out to be so perverted that they had to apologize and remove it from the network – the fans saved it for history
  • RTX 4080 Price Doesn’t Suit Even Video Card Maker MSI – NVIDIA Greed
  • Microsoft introduced January games for Game Pass – only three projects
  • Serious allegations have been brought against the creator of Rick and Morty and High on Life – it will not work to laugh it off
  • Sony accidentally announced one extra game for PS Plus Extra and Premium subscriptions – but quickly figured it out and removed it
  • Maxim’s bombardment – you need a GeForce RTX 3090 Ti to enjoy all the beauties of Hogwarts Legacy
  • The head of Ubisoft asked employees to save the company – you have to make games, not work
  • Ubisoft offered to buy itself to other companies, but they laughed at it,  says an insider
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