Valve introduced SteamVR 2.0


Improved service for virtual reality devices

Valve has announced the launch of SteamVR 2.0, releasing the update exactly one month after the surprise launch of the SteamVR 2.0 beta in September.

“With this release, we’re bringing everything new and exciting from the Steam platform to virtual reality,” Valve said in a statement. “This is our first big step towards better unifying the Steam ecosystem for all users, providing a more consistent experience across all devices.” This update will also allow us to add new Steam features much faster and more frequently in the future.”

SteamVR 2.0

SteamVR 2.0

Valve introduced SteamVR 2.0

Below are some of the highlights that are available in SteamVR 2.0:

most current Steam and Steam Deck features are now part of SteamVR;

updated keyboard with support for typing with two cursors, new languages, emoticons, and themes;

Steam Chat and voice chat integration;

an improved store that puts new and popular VR releases front and center;

Easy access to Steam notifications.

The update was released without the announcement of new equipment – according to rumors, Valve is working on some new VR headsets. The mysterious gadget passed radio certification in South Korea in September, which may indicate an imminent announcement. Valve is also reportedly developing a standalone VR headset, codenamed Deckard, that will compete with the standalone Quest VR headsets.

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