Video: 18 Minutes of Crysis Next Battle Royale Gameplay in Very Poor Quality


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:52 pm

Video: 18 Minutes of Crysis Next Battle Royale Gameplay in Very Poor Quality

The Twisted Voxel portal drew attention to the video showing what appears to be Crysis Next, a shareware battle royale from Crytek, on the tab atha YouTube channel created at the beginning of the week.

Battle Royale
Battle Royale

Recall that the existence of Crysis Next became known thanks to a large-scale leak at the end of October 2020: data from Crytek’s internal servers were leaked to the Network, including documents with information about unannounced projects.

As for the video on the tab atha channel, it is presented in extremely mediocre quality. Perception is also complicated by constant camera shake and extraneous sound effects.

Twisted Voxel noted that the video is made similarly with the leakage of Halo 4 multiplayer (even the background music is the same). In this way, the creators hope to confuse YouTube algorithms.


It is noteworthy that the game in the title and description of the video tab atha is not called Crysis Next. Still, Crysis Battleground – the official name or the author’s speculations is unknown at this stage.

The video itself lasts almost 20 minutes (of which 18 minutes are devoted to gameplay) and shows a network match recording. Judging by the excerpt, the game is still deep in development – most of the elements, including locations, lack detail and texture.

Crytek filings, Crysis Next, are designed for hundreds of players and can offer “visual customization, adaptive nanosuit abilities and spectacular battles in an immersive world

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