Video: Americans will arrive in the world of RTS Iron Harvest – stars, stripes and dieselpunk airships


Video: Americans will arrive in the world of RTS Iron Harvest – stars, stripes and dieselpunk airships

Deep Silver and KING Art continue to develop their Iron Harvest dieselpunk strategy . Already on May 27, a new story addition, Operation Eagle, will be released, which will tell the story of another faction – Usonia (as the United States is called in the alternative world of the game).

Iron Harvest
Iron Harvest

On this occasion, a small video shows that giant dieselpunk airships float before the eyes of an astonished shepherd. Operation Eagle promises many innovations:

  • a new faction, Usonia, with over 20 different units;
  • story campaign for solo and co-op, in which there will be more than 25 minutes of new cinematic inserts;
  • three new heroes;
  • flying units for all factions;
  • new structures and means of air defense for all groups;
  • fresh multiplayer maps;
  • new playable allies from a secret faction that has not yet been revealed;
  • dozens of new cosmetics units and upcoming seasons.

Operation Eagle will cost € 19.99 in the EU (the price for Russia has not yet been announced). Interestingly, on Steam, the add-on can be purchased as a separate project without having the main game in stock. This will allow you to go through the entire storyline campaign for Usonia, play all-new multiplayer maps, and go through missions 1 to 5 of the Polania campaign.

The owners of the main game will receive new flying machines and air defense systems for multiplayer battles without purchasing DLC; they will be able to play against Usonia in multiplayer, including on new maps, if the creator of the match owns them. They will not have access to the story campaign and will not play as Usonia in any mode.

By the way, Iron Harvest has started the 4th season, and until May 3, the strategy is available for a free trial on Steam. Also, the developers made some changes to the balance and fixed bugs. Iron Harvest went on sale September 1, 2020, for PC and is now available on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. The launch of versions for the previous generation consoles – PS4 and Xbox One – was scheduled for the first quarter of 2021 but has been postponed.


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