Video: Anno 1800 Expansion 6 Invites Travel to the Land of the Lions


Last updated on May 1st, 2023 at 08:34 pm

Video: Anno 1800 Expansion 6 Invites Travel to the Land of the Lions

Ubisoft continues to develop its Anno 1800, city planning, and economic simulator, which was released on PC in April last year. The company introduced its second Season Pass a year later and is now preparing the final Land of the Lions expansion pack for this season. On this occasion, the developers have released a short video.

Anno 2

“Land of the Lions” promises to be the largest of the season and is described as follows: “Welcome to the new region – Enbesu. Explore the seductive coastal savannah. Together with Emperor Ketema, lead the country to prosperity. Master the new game mechanics: irrigation canals and a new exploration function

The add-on will enable you to travel to the southern continent and build a new irrigation system to breathe life into the desert. The surroundings are quite recognizable: there are not only lions, but also elephants, giraffes, and other animals and plants characteristic of Africa. Of course, players will find fresh buildings, dweller classes, goods, and a new decorative element.

Land of the Lions will be launched on October 22nd. The owners of the seasonal pass, which is currently on sale in UPlay for 1039 ₽, will not require an additional fee. In addition to the upcoming DLC, the pass includes the already released “The Majesty of Power” and “New Harvest”. The basic edition of the Anno 1800 itself is currently on sale for RUR 2499 . Season 1 saw the release of three key expansions: Sunken TreasureBotany, and In the Ice. In addition, the developers have released a festive set for Christmas, which includes 23 themed decorative elements.

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