Video: Fallout 76 Steel Dawn Update Trailer Tells the Story of the Brotherhood of Steel in Appalachia


Video: Fallout 76 Steel Dawn Update Trailer Tells the Story of the Brotherhood of Steel in Appalachia

Bethesda Softworks has released a video about the history of the Brotherhood of Steel in Appalachia, the main region of Fallout 76. It reminds us of how the secession of the faction appeared in these places, what happened to it and what state the faction is in by the beginning of the events of the upcoming update “Steel Dawn”.

fallout76 steel dawn
fallout76 steel dawn

It should be borne in mind that the video contains plot spoilers.

The Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel is a former US Army unit in the region under the leadership of Lieutenant Elizabeth Taggerdy. The head of the Brotherhood, Captain Roger Maxson, contacted her via satellite from the Lost Hills bunker in California, where the group was formed. Elizabeth received the title of a paladin of the Brotherhood. Her unit changed several bases and eventually took over the Allegheny Asylum, which was renamed Fort Defiance. For some time it carried out the orders of Roger, but then communication with him was lost and the department became independent.

The fighters of the Brotherhood of Steel were the first to face the dragon-like scorchbeasts, which later turned into a serious threat to the entire Appalachia. The best knights and Taggerdi herself died trying to destroy the nest of the scorchbeast. It was not possible to defeat the monsters – they returned and killed the remaining members of the group. The last battle of the Appalachian unit took place in 2095 – since then it has virtually ceased to exist.

Eight years later, the Brotherhood’s New California headquarters dispatched an expedition to Appalachia led by the paladin Leila Rahman to scout the situation and strengthen its influence in the region. By this time, a new base for the faction at the ATLAS Observatory (ATLAS) began to equip Russell Dorsey, who arrived from Maryland and was inspired by the ideas of the Brotherhood, and from Vault 76.

Dawn of Steel will continue the storyline of the April Wastelanders update, which added Dorsey to the game. The latest update will bring new questlines, locations, NPCs, the ability to build underground shelters in CAMP, as well as new types of weapons and armor. It will be released on December 1st and will be free for all Fallout 76 owners.

In a fresh update to the official blog, the developers talked about the “Hunt for Treasure Hunters” event, which starts on November 24 and ends on November 30. Players will be offered to track down the miner moles that roam the Wasteland in search of treasures and drive them back underground. In the containers that remain in their place, you can find the riches they got and unique schemes.

On December 15, the third season kicks off with The Scribe of Avalon, awards, and innovations that will be announced later.



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