Video: starting location and old-school mechanics of using keys in the new demo Bloodborne demo


Video: starting location and old-school mechanics of using keys in the new demo Bloodborne demo

Heartstrings Studios Lead Programmer Lilith Walther has posted a new video of the Bloodborne PSX gameplay on her YouTube channel – a demo of the gothic action Bloodborne from the From Software studio.


The video released by Walter is intended to demonstrate the starting location of Bloodborne – “Josefka’s Hospital” – and the updated musical component of “The Hunter’s Dream” by the musician under the pseudonym The Noble Demon.

To bring Bloodborne PSX closer to the games of the era of the original PlayStation, the team had to rework the mechanics of using keys – from now on; they must be placed in a quick-access slot to use them.

In this regard, the hospital underwent a slight expansion – it turned out to be necessary to teach the user the mentioned system and at the same time slow walking (it is activated by clamping the “square”).

In addition, the video contains a reworked werewolf for the first time since 2017, which the hunter meets shortly after the start of the game. The monster has updated its model, textures, attack, and dodge animations and also adjusted the level of aggression.

Finally, Walter boasted less significant, but worthy of note, improvements such as improvements to the textures of several weapons and the addition of a working shop to the “Hunter’s Dream” (not yet decorated).

Bloodborne PSX has been built on Unreal Engine 4 by Walter and a small team of like-minded people for several years. At the end of March, the developers demonstrated a battle with the Church Monster.

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