MegaFon presented a unique voice assistant Eva identify unwanted calls and automatically block them


The operator “MegaFon” presented a new version of the proprietary voice assistant “Eva”. As noted in the press service, the updated assistant with unique capabilities will become available to subscribers throughout Russia in the third quarter of 2022.

Eva has been tested among subscribers since July 2021. Now Eva assigns one of 25 categories to each incoming call: useful call, delivery service, collectors, spam, and others. If the subscriber did not answer the call or dropped it, “Eva” will accept the incoming call, independently determine the source and purpose of the call, maintain the conversation and send a transcript of the missed call to the user in the chat.

MegaFon eva
MegaFon eva

The updated “Eva” was presented for the first time at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum at the company’s stand. Forum members can test new features. For example, the ability to independently choose which calls are considered unwanted and automatically block them. So, if the subscriber does not want to listen to advertising messages, but is ready to participate in ongoing surveys, it is enough to indicate interesting categories – and the robot will automatically set up the selection and will block only really unnecessary calls.

Pavel Tulubyev, Commercial Director of MegaFon, said:

The modern rhythm of life is changing our habits: people are increasingly turning to voice assistants for help. Eva is a unique combination of a voice secretary and intelligent protection: it does not miss important calls, it reliably blocks voice spam and scammers. Working on “Eva”, we accumulated the best experience and took into account all the needs of our customers. In the third quarter, we will provide subscribers in all regions with an updated assistant with functionality that no domestic robot currently offers.

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