Voyah vehicles set speed and range records on Lake Baikal


Voyah brand is officially presented in Russia

Russia has recorded speed records set by Voyah cars on Lake Baikal in March of this year.

The Sports Council of the Russian Automobile Federation (RAF) has officially approved the national 1 km speed records set by the Voyah Free crossovers in electric and hybrid (EVR) versions, as well as the Dream hybrid minivan.

The electric crossover Voyah Free, driven by Vitaly Larionov, updated the previous national speed record, accelerating to 217.970 km/h when starting from the move and up to 106.019 km/h when starting from a standstill.

Voyah vehicles
Voyah vehicles

The hybrid Voyah Free EVR set two speed records: 194.311 km/h when starting from the move under the control of Maxim Leonov and 102.836 km/h when starting from a standstill with Ilya Kashin at the wheel.

Voyah Dream, driven by Anastasia Nifontova, at a distance of 1 km accelerated from the move to 184.672 km / h, and when starting from a standstill – up to 108.718 km / h. Later, Vitaly Larionov accelerated on it to more than 218 km / h, but already at a greater distance.

In addition, the electric Voyah Free traveled more than 430 km on a single battery charge in a winter endurance test.

Earlier , a long-range version of the Voyah Free EVR Long Range with a 5-year warranty was presented in Russia .

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