Warner Bros. Circles Olivia Wilde’s “Avengelyne”: A Fallen Angel Soars to the Big Screen?


The winds of change might be blowing for the lesser-known comic book character Avengelyne. Warner Bros. is reportedly in early talks to acquire the rights to the character and develop a feature film adaptation. This potential project brings together a powerhouse team, with Olivia Wilde attached to direct and Margot Robbie’s LuckyChap Entertainment producing.

Warner Bros. Circles Olivia Wilde's
Warner Bros. Circles Olivia Wilde’s

A Familiar Team for an Unfamiliar Hero

Olivia Wilde, fresh off the success of her psychological thriller “Don’t Worry Darling,” steps behind the camera for “Avengelyne.” LuckyChap Entertainment, the production company co-founded by actress Margot Robbie alongside Tom Ackerley and Josey McNamara, will produce the film. This collaboration reunites Wilde and Robbie, who previously crossed paths in the 2013 comedy “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Given LuckyChap’s existing first-look deal with Warner Bros., the studio became the natural landing spot for the project.

Joining the Heavenly Host: Screenwriter and Producers

The creative team behind “Avengelyne” continues to take shape with the addition of screenwriter Tony McNamara. McNamara, known for his work on historical comedies like “The Favourite” and “The Great,” brings a unique perspective to the project. Longtime X-Men producer Simon Kinberg also joins the production team, adding his vast experience in superhero films to the mix.

Unveiling Avengelyne: A Fallen Angel’s Redemption

For comic book enthusiasts unfamiliar with Avengelyne, the character boasts a unique origin story. Created by Rob Liefeld, Cathy Christian, and Tony Lobito in 1995, Avengelyne centers around a fallen angel cast down to Earth. Despite her celestial exile, Avengelyne is entrusted with a critical mission: to locate and protect “The One,” an individual destined to safeguard humanity from demons and other monstrous threats.

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A Legacy of Comic Creations: Liefeld’s Characters Take Flight

“Avengelyne” represents another instance of Hollywood’s growing interest in the works of comic book creator Rob Liefeld. Previously, Liefeld’s character Prophet garnered significant attention, with filmmaker Sam Hargrave (“Extraction”) and actor Jake Gyllenhaal attached to a potential film adaptation. Unfortunately, the project appears to be currently dormant.

Warner Bros. on a Superhero Shopping Spree?

The potential acquisition of “Avengelyne” aligns with Warner Bros.’s recent efforts to expand its superhero film portfolio. The studio is currently in production on Ryan Coogler’s highly anticipated sequel to “Black Panther,” a project secured through a competitive bidding war earlier this year. “Avengelyne” could potentially join a growing roster of diverse superhero properties at Warner Bros.

The Road Ahead: Questions and Possibilities

While the “Avengelyne” project is still in its early stages, several questions remain unanswered. The specific tone and visual style of the film remain to be determined. Additionally, casting details beyond Wilde’s involvement in directing are yet to be revealed. However, the combination of a talented director, a strong production team, and a unique comic book concept has the potential to create a compelling superhero narrative for the big screen.