Wasteland 3 will receive two story add-ons – the first will be released on June 3


Wasteland 3 will receive two story add-ons – the first will be released on June 3

Studio inXile Entertainment has announced The Battle of Steeltown on its official website, the first of two planned plot additions to its post-apocalyptic RPG Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3
Wasteland 3

The plot of the expansion revolves around the industrial complex of Staltown, which produces the necessary equipment (vehicles, armor, weapons, and robots) for Colorado’s existence and the rule of the Patriarch.

One day, supplies from Staltown are cut off, and the head of the complex, Abigail Markham, is inactive. A squad of Rangers sent to investigate by the Patriarch discovers that the enterprise is on strike.

If you don’t interfere, Staltown will fall apart, taking Markham with it, but maybe this is exactly what is needed. The rangers will have to decide for themselves, ”the developers warn.

The Battle of Steeltown will offer new quests and mechanics (for example, non-lethal ways to eliminate enemies), customize battles and equipment to the user level, and content for the main game: opponents, weapons, armor, collisions.

The Battle of Steeltown premieres shortly after patch 1.4, which brings several “exciting new features” to Wasteland 3. Details are promised to be shared in the coming weeks.

The Battle of Steeltown will go on sale on June 3 this year for PC ( SteamGOG ), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The add-on will cost $ 14 (the ruble equivalent is not specified), but Xbox Game Pass users are entitled to a 10% discount.

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