What’s the point of the OnePlus 8T if there’s a OnePlus 8 Pro?


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:29 pm

The novelty is inferior to the OnePlus 8 Pro in a number of parameters, and the difference in price is small

OnePlus will officially unveil its new flagship OnePlus 8T today. The announcement will take place in a few hours, but the famous insider Evan Blass (Evan Blass) has already published a detailed list of the characteristics of the new product. It is important that they are all compared to the characteristics of the OnePlus 8 Pro, so it’s easy to compare both models and understand where the new product is better.

OnePlus 8T vs OnePlus 8Pro
OnePlus 8T vs OnePlus 8Pro

What’s the point of the OnePlus 8T if there’s an OnePlus 8 Pro?

As you can see, the OnePlus 8T is hardly better than the OnePlus 8 Pro. Start with the screen resolution – the OnePlus 8 Pro uses a 3168 x 1440 pixel matrix, while the OnePlus 8T has a 2400 x 1080 pixel panel. In both cases, AMOLED matrices with a frame rate of 120 Hz are used, but the OnePlus 8T does not support MEMC technology. The memory sizes of the models are the same, but the OnePlus 8 Pro uses LPDDR5 RAM, while the OnePlus 8T has LPDDR4x.

The OnePlus 8T is very much inferior in terms of the camera. Suffice it to say that the 8-megapixel telephoto module has been replaced by the usual 5-megapixel macro module. So, of the real advantages of the OnePlus 8T, it is a little less weight and dimensions, the presence of Android 11 out of the box, and support for 65W charging.  

Formally, the OnePlus 8T, of course, will be cheaper than the OnePlus 8 Pro: in India, the base version is priced at $ 585. But the smartphone released in spring has already dropped in price – from 1057to 816 Dollars. So the question of the meaning of the acquisition of OnePlus 8T in the presence of OnePlus 8 Pro on sale looks very relevant.

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