WhatsApp got scared of the flight of users. The adoption of the new rules was postponed for 3 months

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Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:45 pm

WhatsApp is going to reassure users, clarify the situation, and the deadline for adopting the new rules was postponed until May 15

Last week, WhatsApp published information about the new terms of service and the policy for processing user data and said it is necessary to accept the new terms by February 8. Otherwise, you can lose access to the messenger.


WhatsApp got scared of the flight of users. The adoption of the new rules was postponed for 3 months

This caused massive panic among users; many chose to switch to Telegram and Signal. Much of this was due to misinformation, as WhatsApp notes, as few people actually read the new policy changes. WhatsApp will reassure users, clarify the situation, and the deadline for adopting the new rules have been postponed until May 15.

The new changes only affect those who interact with WhatsApp Business accounts. These business accounts can now use Facebook hosting services to manage their WhatsApp chats, use Facebook-branded commercial features such as stores, and display Facebook ads. In each of these cases, Facebook will now collect information about you if you interact with that company and its ads as if you clicked on any other Facebook ad.

We do not intend to block or delete anyone on February 8th. Also, we plan to work actively to dispel false rumors about the privacy and security principles of WhatsApp communication. We will then gradually begin inviting our users to review the new policy by May 15th, when new business opportunities begin.


WhatsApp states that the new policy does not change anything regarding users’ messaging or calling other users or groups as these terms have not changed. Your messages and calls will still be encrypted; your messages will not be stored on Facebook’s servers. It’s not that WhatsApp doesn’t share any data with Facebook; just the amount of data transferred does not change with this update. In fact, if this was not a problem for you before, it should not be now.

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Many people don’t know that Facebook owns WhatsApp and that they are sharing data. So they got nervous when they found out they needed to start sharing data with Facebook or stop using the service. Some even suggested that their accounts would be deleted after February 8th.

The company emphasizes that the new changes are only relevant for those who interact with business accounts and do not affect other users. So now WhatsApp hopes that people with more peace of mind will click the Agree button.

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