WhatsApp is launching an analogue of ChatGPT and Midjourney


Testing began among a limited number of users

At the Meta* Connect event, the WhatsApp team talked about upcoming changes in the popular messenger. WhatsApp is planning to add several new features based on artificial intelligence.


Immediately after the conference, three new services will be available to some users for testing in chats. The first – AI stickers – allow you to generate custom stickers.

WhatsApp is launching an analogue of ChatGPT and Midjourney

AI chats (AI chats) – an analog of the ChatGPT chatbot – will allow you to ask the bot questions on “any topic”, as well as arrange debates in group chats with “dozens of unique characters” created by AI.

And finally, the third innovation is the generation of photorealistic images from text descriptions. The user just needs to type the /imagine command and add a short description.

The WhatsApp support document explains:

Visually, AI chats will be different from private messages and chats. To start communicating with an AI bot, you will need to first open a chat with the AI ​​or send a message to the bot.

* The Meta company is recognized as an extremist in Russia and is banned.

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