World MICE Awards 2023: Celebrating Excellence in Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions


In a dazzling showcase of achievements, the 4th annual World MICE Awards Gala Ceremony unfolded at the prestigious Ritz-Carlton, Berlin, revealing the crème de la crème of the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) sector worldwide.

Qatar Dominates the Global MICE Scene

The vibrant MICE sector in Qatar stood in the spotlight, securing top honors across categories. Doha clinched the coveted title of the ‘World’s Best MICE Destination,’ Qatar Airways soared to become the ‘World’s Best MICE Airline,’ Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel earned recognition as the ‘World’s Best MICE Hotel,’ and the National Museum of Qatar was crowned the ‘World’s Best MICE Event Venue.’

Global Triumphs in Destination Excellence

Destinations worldwide basked in the glory of recognition, with Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, earning the title of ‘Asia’s Best MICE Destination,’ Jamaica claiming ‘Caribbean’s Best MICE Destination,’ Lisbon named ‘Europe’s Best MICE Destination,’ and Seattle honored as ‘North America’s Best MICE Destination.’

Aviation Sector Takes Flight

In the aviation sector, TAP Portugal soared to victory as ‘Europe’s Best MICE Airline,’ Vietnam Airlines claimed the title of ‘Asia’s Best MICE Airline,’ and Delta Air Lines secured the prestigious ‘North America’s Best MICE Airline’ award.

Graham Cooke’s Remark on the Spectacular Event

Graham Cooke, the Founder of the World MICE Awards, expressed his awe at the spectacular event, stating, “It has been a truly memorable celebrating evening, acknowledging our winners’ victories here in Berlin. World MICE Awards has had the privilege of recognizing brands that are stellar examples of excellence in their field. My congratulations to each of them.”

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Awards Across Diverse Categories

The accolades extended across various categories, encompassing Dubai World Trade Center as the ‘World’s Best Convention Centre,’ Forte Village as the ‘World’s Best Incentive Hotel,’ and Vietravel securing the title of the ‘World’s Best MICE Organiser.’ Regional recognitions included PortAventura Business & Events Convention Centre as ‘Spain’s Best Convention Centre,’ Queen Sirikit National Convention Center as ‘Thailand’s Best Convention Centre,’ and ExCel London standing out as ‘Europe’s Best Convention Centre.’

Year-Long Global Search for Excellence

The results culminated from a year-long quest for the world’s leading MICE brands. Votes, cast by MICE industry professionals and the public, determined the winners in each category.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: How were the winners determined at the World MICE Awards?

A1: The winners were determined through votes cast by both MICE industry professionals and the public, with the nominee gaining the most votes in each category declared as the winner.

Q2: What makes Qatar stand out in the global MICE sector?

A2: Qatar’s MICE sector shone with excellence, securing top honors across categories, and showcasing its commitment to providing outstanding destinations, airline services, hotels, and event venues.

Q3: How diverse are the categories honored at the World MICE Awards?

A3: The World MICE Awards recognize excellence across a spectrum of categories, including destinations, airlines, hotels, event venues, convention centers, and incentive hotels, providing a comprehensive celebration of achievements in the MICE industry.

Q4: What is the significance of the year-long search for MICE brands?

A4: The year-long search ensures a thorough evaluation and recognition of the world’s leading MICE brands, reflecting sustained excellence and contributions to the global MICE sector.

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Q5: How does the World MICE Awards contribute to industry recognition and development?

A5: The World MICE Awards serve as a prestigious platform for industry recognition, acknowledging stellar examples of excellence in the MICE sector. This contributes to the development of the industry by setting benchmarks and fostering healthy competition.

Q6: What role do public votes play in determining the winners?

A6: Public votes are a crucial element in the determination of winners. By involving the public, the awards ensure a more inclusive and democratic process, reflecting the preferences and opinions of a broader audience alongside industry professionals.