World of Tanks 2.0 is already in development.


Project codename – Project CW

The well-known company Wargaming is developing a new part of its cult game World of Tanks. According to the WOT Express resource, World of Tanks 2.0 has been in development for quite some time under the code name Project CW.

World of Tanks 2.0
World of Tanks 2.0

Apparently, this will be a new standalone game, and not another update for the original project. In particular, players will be given completely different tanks. The list of available vehicles will include combat vehicles from the Cold War, as well as later models. In particular, we should expect the T-62 model 1975, Leopard 1A6 Jager and M60 IF.

World of Tanks 2.0 is already in development.

The gameplay will also change. The main mode will be the capture and holding of areas on the map, and not just the destruction of all opponents. The source says that the developers were inspired by the Battlefield series.

It is also reported that gamers will receive ample opportunities for customizing tanks, and vehicle models will stand out in that various elements will fall off when damaged.

The source adds that the game is being developed primarily with an eye on the US and European markets, but the game will also be released in Russia. There is no exact launch date yet, but the game will not be released until next fall.

Project cw wargaming

Project CW is a new tank-based multiplayer online game (MOBA) in development by Wargaming. It is a spiritual successor to World of Tanks, and is designed to be a more fast-paced and action-packed experience.

Project CW features a number of new mechanics that are not present in World of Tanks. These include:

  • Killstreak abilities: Each tank has a number of killstreak abilities that can be activated after a certain number of kills. These abilities can give the tank a temporary boost in speed, damage, or survivability.
  • Flag-based objectives: Matches in Project CW are won by capturing and holding flags on the map. This adds an additional layer of strategy to the game, as teams need to decide which flags to prioritize and how to defend them.
  • Abilities recharge on kills: In World of Tanks, abilities have a set cooldown period. In Project CW, abilities recharge on kills. This means that players who are able to get kills will be able to use their abilities more often, giving them a significant advantage.
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Project CW is still in development, and there is no release date yet. However, the game has been in closed beta testing since June 2023, and Wargaming has said that they plan to release it in 2024.

Here are some of the key features of Project CW:

  • Fast-paced and action-packed gameplay
  • Killstreak abilities
  • Flag-based objectives
  • Abilities recharge on kills
  • Modern and historical tanks
  • Cross-platform play

Project CW is a promising new tank-based MOBA that has the potential to be a major hit. It offers a more fast-paced and action-packed experience than World of Tanks, and it features a number of new mechanics that are sure to appeal to fans of the genre.