Xbox Series S weaker than One X? The new console will be left without improved backward compatibility with older games


Xbox Series S weaker than One X? The new console will be left without improved backward compatibility with older games

The Xbox Series S, despite being Microsoft’s affordable next-generation console, promises to bring all the new game experiences to users, albeit at a lower resolution. But, perhaps, it will not be able to “pull” the projects improved for the Xbox One X in the backward compatibility mode.

 Xbox Series S
Xbox Series S

Recall that the Xbox One X is a powerful model of the current generation console. Some games in backward compatibility mode run in 4K resolution with improved anisotropic filtering and other significant differences from the original versions. According to John Linneman from Eurogamer’s technical department at Digital Foundry, a less powerful next-generation console will not be able to play the original Xbox and Xbox 360 games with the enhancements available on the Xbox One X. This is due to the amount of RAM.

The Xbox Series S has 8GB of available RAM for games, while the Xbox One X has 9GB. Therefore, Linnemann concluded that on the Xbox Series S, in backward compatibility mode, games would work the same as on the Xbox One S – that is, without improved graphics.

However, he added that with a more powerful GPU, Microsoft could fix performance issues. “Games that might have struggled on the Xbox One S, whether it’s overly aggressive dynamic resolution, [low frame rates] and the like, could possibly perform significantly better on this console,” Linnemann said.

Limited backward compatibility was later confirmed by a Microsoft representative. In response to an inquiry from  GameSpew, an official response was received: “The Xbox Series S has been designed to be the most affordable next-generation console and to play next-generation games at 1440p at 60 frames per second. To ensure the highest quality backward compatibility, as originally intended by the developer, Xbox Series S will launch the Xbox One S version of backward compatibility games with improved texture filtering, higher and more consistent frame rates, faster load times, and automatic HDR. ” Therefore, the full Xbox One X backward compatibility feature will not be available on the Xbox Series S.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are slated for release on November 10 this year.



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