Xiaomi released the first steamer in the Mijia line


Last updated on May 1st, 2023 at 07:43 pm

The device is priced at $ 14.

Xiaomi today launched a portable steamer through its collective financing platform, which was the first device of this category under the Mijia brand.

The device received the design traditional for the Mijia brand, it is available only in white. The Xiaomi Mijia steamer received a water tank that needs to be disconnected to fill it with water. Its volume is 160 ml, this is enough to stroke 6 shirts.

The steam head is made of the cast aluminium panel with good thermal conductivity. The head releases steam up to 120 ° C, which helps not only iron clothes, but also sterilize with an efficiency of 99.9%, killing even dust mites.

first steamer Mijia
first steamer Mijia

Xiaomi Mijia portable steamer uses boost technology to release steam at 20 kPa. It takes only 30 seconds to warm up clothes, with a device power of 1200 watts. The mass is 780 g.

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