Xiaomi says goodbye to the Mijia brand – Renamed as Xiaomi Smart Life


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:11 pm

The well-known brand may be a thing of the past

Xiaomi today announced the renaming of the official channel for smart consumer electronics solutions Mijia in the Weibo social network – now it will be called Xiaomi Smart Life. At the same time, the series logo remained the same. The official announcement said there would be no more changes. At least for now.

Xiaomi says goodbye to the Mijia brand

Of course, with devices previously sold under the Mijia brand, nothing will change. Weibo rebranding has nothing to do with the product concept and device line – all this remains, only the designation changes. Although it is possible that Xiaomi will soon completely abandon the old brand in favor of the new one, otherwise there was no point in blocking the garden with renaming the page in Weibo.

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