Xigmatek Perseus case, the motherboard is at an unusual angle


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 01:58 pm

The case dimensions 610 x 230 x 540 mm are designed for a board of up to ATX size

The company introduced the Perseus computer case, reminiscent of the Zeus model . An open case differs from typical “boxes”, which often differ only in the front panel.

The case with dimensions of 610 x 230 x 540 mm is designed for a board up to ATX, which is located at an unusual angle. The steel chassis is covered on the sides with tempered glass panels. Behind them, there is enough space for video cards up to 40 cm long, a processor cooling system up to 17 cm high and a power supply unit up to 18 cm long.

Behind the front panel, you can install two 2.5-inch drives or one 3.5-inch drive. Another 2.5-inch drive fits on the tray for the system motherboard.

The open design provides for the installation of five 120 mm fans. Alternatively, you can install a radiator with a length of 240 mm along the top panel and a 120 mm radiator on the rear wall.

The source does not disclose the price of the Xigmatek Perseus case.

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