You just won’t break it. “Electronic Frankenstein” iPhone SE stood the test for bending and torture by fire


The famous Zach Nelson tested the smartphone for durability

Well-known smartphone strength tester Zack Nelson (Zack Nelson) published on his channel JerryRigEverything on the social network Youtube a fresh test smartphone iPhone SE second generation, whose sales began last Friday.

iPhone SE 2020
iPhone SE 2020

You just won’t break it. “Electronic Frankenstein” iPhone SE stood the test for bending and torture by fire

Nelson aptly called the iPhone SE (2020) “electronic Frankenstein” with the iPhone 8 and the hardware platform of the latest Apple flagships.

iPhone 8 at one time became a trouble-free device with high stability, the Bendgate scandal with easily bending iPhone 6 by that time was far behind. However, Nelson decided to make sure the strength of the new model, even if it is similar to the iPhone 8 in design.

The smartphone passed the test for scratch resistance perfectly, both on the part of the screen and on the home button with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Nelson again grumbled at the supposedly sapphire crystal of the camera, but this has already become a tradition for Apple smartphones.

The LCD panel is easily restored from a small fire exposure with a lighter, although the oleophobic coating has been damaged. The mandatory bending test iPhone SE also passed with flying colors, not yielding a millimeter.

The new iPhone SE is available at a price of 537 USD in Russia and 399 dollars in the United States.



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