Yuzu, Nintendo Switch emulator, can now take advantage of multi-core processors


Last updated on May 1st, 2023 at 07:47 pm

Distributing tasks between threads improves performance

The developers of Yuzu, the Nintendo Switch emulator for the PC, continue to quickly release significant updates. Less than a month ago, the virtual memory management system was rewritten in the emulator, which allowed halving the use of RAM, and the new update added support for multi-core processors. The developers themselves call this the most significant innovation ever implemented in Yuzu.
Yuzu Emulator
Yuzu Emulator

Distributing tasks between threads can improve productivity. In the case of the emulator, the work is divided between six threads: four are reserved for the processor, one for the timer and one for the emulated GPU. In separate threads, related tasks are performed, such as logging, user interface, graphical host driver, and sound host driver.

Of course, the effect will not be noticeable in all games, but only in those that can load more than one core on the console itself. But the test video posted by the developers shows that games like Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Astral Chain definitely benefit from the innovation. Moreover, its effect will improve overtime as multi-thread execution is optimized.

In the meantime, Yuzu developers have warned users that the first version with multithreading support may require a lot of additional RAM (up to 3 GB depending on the game). In addition, there may be irregularities in the sound output, but this problem can be solved by turning on the “audio stretching” parameter.

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